With a loved one incarcerated, I know the struggle that inmates and their family members have. I also know how prison employees and administration put a "spin" on the truth when speaking to families, and how intimidating they can be. Don't allow them to "spin" the truth or intimidate you any longer. Call me, and I will work through the appropriate channels to give your loved one a voice, and get the results you deserve.

As a single mother, I didn't have money to hire attorneys and had to make my kids do without so I could hire one to get child support, enforce child support, etc. This has encouraged me to help others, so I enrolled in paralegal school. I can fill out your papers for you and you don't have to pay high priced attorneys. 

We also work with the following affiliates in assisting inmates and their families:
C & L Books for your loved one's reading needs


Knights of Monte Cristo for Parole Packets