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Officiating TDCJ weddings, filing for divorce, child visitation (yes this can be done), and other inmate services.


With a loved one incarcerated, I know the struggle that inmates and their family members have. I also know how prison employees and administration put a "spin" on the truth when speaking to families, and how intimidating they can be. Don't allow them to "spin" the truth or intimidate you any longer. Call me, and I will work through the appropriate channels to give your loved one a voice, and get the results you deserve.

We also work with the following affiliates in assisting inmates and their families:
C & L Books for your loved one's reading needs


Knights of Monte Cristo for Parole Packets


Medical Hardships

If your loved one is over 200 miles away, I will prepare and file your medical hardship for you and get your loved one moved closer to you.

Inmate Representation

I will be a voice for inmates whose family is not able to speak for them. I will not allow an inmate to be at the mercy of the prison. I will be the voice that inmates need.

Preparing and Filing Court Documents

Are you looking for a divorce? Enforce child visitation? Establish child visitation? I can prepare and file your papers for you. No need to hire an expensive attorney. I am not an attorney but I don't have to be an attorney to file documents.


I am ordained and TDCJ approved to make your dreams come true. I will help you make this the best day of your life. Prices vary depending on the location of the unit. However, I will travel to all units.

Other Services

If you have any other service needs, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

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